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Why Conservatives Should Support Ukraine
Counterpunch With Trevor Loudon

Why Conservatives Should Support Ukraine

⭕️ Watch the Full Episode👉 ⭕ Unlimited #epochtv access. Only $1 Trial (Limited Offer): 🔵 Sign up for our NEWSLETTER and stay in touch👉 ⭕️ Counter Punch on EpochTV: Russian propaganda has influenced conservative thinking regarding the war in Ukraine. This episode explains why conservatives in America should support Ukraine in the effort to defeat Putin and how the issue will be weaponized in the upcoming election. Thomas Cromwell’s book “Why Ukraine Must Win” addresses the most common arguments surrounding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, including preventing World War Three and concerns regarding NATO and the border crisis. The book also explains how Biden is not helping Ukraine but prolonging the war while assisting Russia to profit. Finally, Louden argues for the necessity of defeating evil to create a better world, not just for Americans but Russians and Ukrainians alike. #Conservatives #Ukraine #WorldWarIII - 💛 Donate to Support Our Work 👉🏻 🔴 The Final War DVD: 🔴 The Real Story of Jan 6 DVD: 🔴 "The Shadow State" DVD: 🔵 Merchandise: ⭕ Subscribe for updates:

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