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Student Antisemitism: Blame Arab Billions Funding K-12 Schools

First published by World Net Daily

The anti-Israel student mob targeting a pro-Israel Jewish teacher at radicalized Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York should not have come as a surprise.  In their mission to convert America into an Islamic state governed under the ruthless Shariah law, Arab countries have funded K-12 to create young jihadists.


Since the mid-1970s there has been a steady infusion of billions of Arab petro-dollars into the infrastructure of American education to change public opinion toward Islam and to influence U.S. policy toward Israel. The project began with colleges in the mid-1970s and then K-12 in the 1990s with initial funding from Saudi Arabia.


In a 1989 speech, Islamic activist Sharifa Alkhateeb explains why public education must be used to convert America to Islam,  “We do not want to melt into American society and disappear. We want to go into American society with Islamic ideals and revamp their thinking. We want to revamp them. We want to turn them into Muslim individuals.”  As a prominent member of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association, president of the terrorist Hamas-linked North American Council for Muslim Women and teacher, she was a powerful voice for how to gain Islamic control over public education.


Revised textbooks promote Islam through false information, deliberate omission of critical information, sugarcoating Islamic extremism, and the use of innuendo to plant seeds of bias toward Christians, Jews and Western civilization. World history textbooks focus on Islam while including only a few denigrating passages about Christianity and Judaism.  The largest textbook publishers are complicit in the treason, including McDougal Littell, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and McGraw-Hill/Glencoe.


 A steady diet of these anti-Israel, anti-Christian, pro-Palestinian lessons is guaranteed to create good little Muslim jihadists.

·      Jesus was a “Palestinian Jew” who grew up in Galilee amidst “militant Zealots.”

·      While Islamic Arab warriors “rarely imposed their religion by force,” Christian monks “by contrast,” were busy converting “peoples of Central and Eastern Europe.”

·      Israel is to blame for terrorist attacks by Palestinians because they were “angered over the loss of their territory.”

·      When the Jewish state of Israel was born in 1948, the nation and its neighbors “went to war.”

·      It was because of the “loss of their territory to Israel” that “militant Palestinians responded with a policy of terrorist attacks.”

·      “The Quran permitted fair, defensive warfare as jihad, or ‘struggle in the way of God'” and this was how Muhammad and his successors expanded their territory.


Founder and director of the Muslim Brotherhood-connected Council on Islamic Education (now Institute for Religion and Civic Values), Shabbir Mansuri boasted that he is waging a “bloodless cultural” revolution in American K-12 by working within the system to change textbooks and curriculum.  By reviewing textbooks for major publishers, writing lesson plans, and giving seminars to teachers, the organization directly impacts the classroom where young jihadists are being created. 


Almost all of the colleges which write K-12 textbooks on the Middle East have received massive funding from Arab nations.  The Higher Education Act of 1965 created the Title VI program that provides federal subsidies to university programs of Middle East Studies to pursue public outreach.   To receive funding, the centers are required to design lesson plans and seminars on the Middle East for American K-12 teachers. Our own federal government, which both subsidizes and approves these special courses, has been derelict in maintaining oversight of the program – or do they choose to turn a blind eye to the treason? 


Georgetown is one of the universities receiving Arab money while contracted with the federal government under Title VI to write K-12 textbooks on the Middle East.  From 1986 to 2018, Georgetown received nearly $139 million of unreported funds from Qatar, according to a 2021 report by Executive Director of the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise Mitchell Bard, making it second only to Cornell University in receiving Arab funding.  Consequently, Title VI has become a Trojan horse for Muslim influence over American K-12 education.


Bard’s report notes that, from 1986 to 2021, Arab nations have funneled nearly $8.5 billion into higher education with Qatar leading at $4.3 billion.  Not only is Qatar by far the largest investor in American universities, but an ally of Hamas and one of the largest supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), has just released a report that found a distinct correlation between massive amounts of money from Middle Eastern sources and higher levels of intolerance toward “Jews, open inquiry and free expression.”


With fifty years of Arab money channeling the narrative in American classroom and textbooks, it’s no surprise that many Americans have joined the protests against Israel and Jews while supporting Palestinians.  When will they organize violent protests against Christians? Don’t think it can happen?  Public schools are forcing students to embrace Islamic values and traditions while those of Christians are violated and even outlawed.  Muslims have infiltrated our churches where they influence naive, passive Christians and weak-kneed pastors.


Why is America allowing foreign money to influence our culture, our religion, and our foreign policy?  Why are our young children being exposed to a tyrannical, violent ideology that flies under the banner of “peaceful religion”?  Why are we allowing schools to teach lessons designed to twist the minds of young boys to become maniacal jihadists?


The solution to stopping the infusion of Muslim ideals in America is simple:  Stop all foreign funding of education with penalties for accepting the money and additional penalties for concealing the receipt of the donation, and scuttle the federal Title VI funding of Islamic curriculum.

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