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Steve Bannon's War Room Misses The Ukraine War

Opinion by Lauren Comele Morris

August 23, 2022

From Twitter - Steve Bannon's War Room Pandemic

I have watched Steve Bannon's War Room since 2020 for his reporting on "the pandemic", China's aggression against their own people, and the daily dose of American politics. All of his co-hosts since the beginning have moved on to other platforms and opportunities. Bannon was prosecuted for Contempt of Congress during the J6 fiasco. He is defiant and a tough individual. I do respect Steve Bannon. He has a massive audience, he loves his country.

However, his narrative on Ukraine has not aligned with any of my research or the litany of sources who watch and analyze the war. Now it seems that whenever I do turn on the War Room and Ukraine is discussed, it is always the same complaints and buzz words regarding corruption and the U.S. military support. After seven months of an unchanging set of phrases and strange sources stretching for his narrative to throw rocks at Volodymyr Zelensky, Bannon appears to be missing the entire war.

President, Volodymyr Zelensky Views the Bucha Massacre

Today when I tuned in, I heard the same redundant complaints. Bannon is out of touch on Ukraine and it is not serving his audience. In fact, he's so behind the curve, it is, in my opinion, dangerously misleading. Where is the real analysis on the Ukraine War from Bannon's "War Room"? Where are the special reports? Where are the experts; and why are the Chechens' "cleansing" and sweeping activities not receiving any attention?

Chechen Fighters in Ukraine

The more I watch the military channels and foreign media who are conducting sophisticated analyses on the ground battles and reporting on the Geopolitics of the region, it is quite apparent to me that Steve Bannon's flat narrative on Ukraine is at the expense of substantive and truthful special reporting on a crucial historic moment in time. Ukraine holds the largest nuclear facility in Europe. That facility is not secure. Putin's War has destabilized the world's food, economic, and energy security.

Bannon Throws Punches Into the Air

"Zelensky is corrupt", "Ukraine is one of the top most corrupt nations in the world", "thugligarchs", are some of the mud-slinging terms regurgitated on the War Room. Bannon frequently complains about Biden's military financial support and that the War Room is "the voice of de-escalation". While grains of truth pertaining to Ukraine's corruption surely exist, the criticism Bannon hurls constantly at Zelensky is light years away from the conditions on the ground making Bannon unqualified to call the shots in this fight. He's not even in the arena. His conclusions drastically contradict the mountains of reports from the ground. They don't seem to include Geopolitics, the sea ports, the Baltic tension, the bread basket resources, Moldova and Transnistria, or the cultural devastation and destabilization of the lives of the Ukrainian people. The war leaves open the possibility for China to One Belt One Road its way through Ukraine and what a cultural disaster that will be. So what is Bannon doing pumping his "de-escalation voice" narrative which is anything but? All it is in my opinion is the anti-Biden agenda at all costs, including sacrificing some truth on Ukraine.

Putin's Lt. General, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov

The "Cleansing" Includes the Destruction of Western Influence and Restoration of Ukraine to the Fatherland "Inshallah".

I have personally been glued to the Ukraine War and am particularly interested in analyzing the movements of the Chechens led by Commander Ramzan Kadyrov. See my earlier article HERE. I am certainly more interested in what Ramzan says about the ground war. His writings and the videos are fascinating. I'm far more interested in sites like Militant Wire, DW, France 24, WION, The Caspian Report and others who are reporting real content and lots of it.

The Kadyrovs are not Al Qaida. They are not ISIS, nor are they the Taliban. Ramzan is a very different kind of Commander. A very different kind of Jihad is being waged in this war and so why is it given so little attention in American news? After all, we are sending billions of dollars to Ukraine to support their defense. In comparison to other media I watch, sources I review, and the amount of content I absorb, American TV news is falling way short on Ukraine.

Bannon's Complaints on Ukraine Give His Followers an Easy Excuse to Dismiss the Catastrophic Horrors Raining Down on Ukrainian Children

I have yet to hear a guest expert brief Bannon's audience with solid intelligence about the cities destroyed, the nuclear plant crisis, the Azov and the Black Sea ports, the Baltic standoff, or the actual battles being waged in the Donbass and now Crimea. Bannon is more focused on what Morning Joe is saying. Putin's disinformation and propaganda tactics are as thick as a London fog and a primary weapon historically utilized by Russia. The initial narrative coming to the American audience was that NATO was getting too close and there were Nazis over there terrorizing Russia loving citizens in the Donbass! Republican Americans took an apologetic stance claiming they understood why Putin waged war on the Ukraine citizens, and then swiftly looked the other way as the rockets fell and the tanks rolled in.

FINAL THOUGHTS: As Steve Bannon props himself as the angry moral Christian authority, the destruction of Ukraine is what Bannon is actually batting for with his anti-Zelensky and anti-Biden narrative. This war is not as simple as the narrative he presents. Therefore, do your own research. This war matters. The resources of that region matter. The ports, the fields, the cities, the culture, the people and the history. China's One Belt One Road will begin if Russia retakes Ukraine. Putin wants the ports. He wants the resources, and the Chechen Jihadis will ethnically cleanse all who are not pro-Russian. Are you batting for that Mr. Bannon?

Yes, we have our own devastating crises here in the U.S. under Biden. Yes we do not want our money going over to Ukraine for a live war game with new weapons. However, I try to seriously consider the death and destruction of Ukraine and its people. I cannot insult the Ukrainian people with dismissive remarks that are apologetic to Putin. The war is terrible and unjust.

Coming up, I will have a fascinating and extensive report on the Chechens in Ukraine. If you would like to support my work, please donate by going to The Centrist Project HERE and hit the donate button for your tax-deductible donation. Your support is greatly appreciated and donations are put to honest and good use for tools, infrastructure, costs and research. Thank you to all who have donated this year to my work and to all who read my content.


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