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Russian Propaganda Blitzkrieg Captures News Anchor Elites Over Ukraine Conflict

Opinion by Lauren Comele Morris

March 6, 2022

Russian State TV's Top Putin Propagandist Vladimir Solovyov

Russian propaganda, in an effortless and embarrassing manner, captured the minds of some of our most respected conservative news anchors and persuaded them to a Marxist Leninist worldview. Americans bend the knee to Marxist Leninist ideologies and Putin when dismissing evidence and facts and instead promote Russian Propaganda. It is the propaganda that stems from a dictator who kills journalists for exposing his tyranny and corruption.

Americans instead point the finger at Zelensky as a Nazi and/or a corrupt fascist. People ignore or excuse Putin's history of invasion and genocide. People know very little about Putin’s history, or just enough to get it wrong. Individuals disregard the realities on the ground and they also overlook what foreign press, armed forces and geopolitical experts are expounding on the war, the background of the clash in the Donbas district, and who is accountable for what.

People cannot wrap their heads around the violence!

Still, the repercussions of open source intelligence, foreign media, and the facts of the ground war have coerced some in the news media into a corner, causing their accounts to be diminished to an incomprehensible mixture of dissociated facts and trivia. It's too late for them to apologize, as they'll never own up to their mistakes. If you begin by aggressively casting blame and publicly speaking ill of the head of a state that is fighting for its survival, this happens. The facts on the ground in Ukraine will defeat your Russian propaganda narratives. Conservatives who jumped on the anti-Zelensky narratives immediately after the blitzkrieg of Russian propaganda were Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk, Alex Jones, and Lara Logan.

What could make some Americans harbor such a vehement animosity towards Zelensky that they ignore clear facts that oppose their opinion? What is the justification for them taking the side of a genocidal autocrat like Putin, claim that Ukraine has a past of massacring its own people so Zelensky is no exception, and why do they maintain Zelensky is a corrupt degenerate who uses cocaine and launders money for Biden?

Accusers must verify opinion blogs and memes in order to support their claims. However, that would take some effort, wouldn’t it? The truth is out there, however, you won't likely find it on social media. On social media, you will encounter distorted fragments of Zelensky's words, super sophisticated deep fakes, and partisan memes that draw absurd associations. This is a Russian propaganda agenda that never sleeps. It is on every social media platform targeting conservatives.

Sites like Ground News and News Guard let you view figures that illustrate which accounts are disseminating stories from the left or the right, and which are being overlooked; and which stories are indeed false propaganda. TV Poland has a series called “Break the Fake” that focuses its attention on the problem of Russian propaganda and how various nations are reacting to the false stories. They maintained that the issue is serious for American citizens who are pushing Russian propaganda on social media.

Hypocrisy, Mockery, Deceit, Scorn, and Fraud

Trump's supporters disregarded the false accusations against him yet make false accusations against Zelensky, knowing they know little to nothing about the man. Their perceptions of Zelensky are wildly distorted and prejudicial. They give Zelensky no quarter for his heroic deeds. Why do the American public dismiss who the Ukrainian people are, their morals, and what they want for their country?

The Ukrainian people have been proving since 2013 with the Maidan standoff that they love their children, their country, their faith and their freedom. When Yanukovich resigned and fled to Russia, the citizens proved they will not kneel to tyranny and corruption. While there are numerous articles on the deadly standoff in Maidan Square, this film demonstrates the bravery of Ukrainians:

Before delivering an opinion on the current conflict and just taking the word of Tucker Carlson or Marjorie Taylor Green or other right-wing conservatives, try answering any of the following questions: Name five cities in Ukraine the Russians have bombed out? Who are Ramzan Kadyrov, and Yvegeny Prigozhin? Who are Putin’s ministers of defense? In what city does the largest nuclear plant in Ukraine exist? Who controls the Black Sea and the Azov Sea? What actions has Zelensky taken since he has been in office to clean up corruption? What is Ukraine’s population? Can you discuss the history of the conflict in the Donbas region? How many refugees has the war produced? When did Putin invade and how many troops did he invade with? Define genocide, war crimes and crimes of aggression, and how they differ? How many Russian troops have been killed in the battle so far? What countries border Ukraine? What are Putin’s stated goals? Who are the allied nations and what resolutions have they signed off on regarding Putin? What are the biggest fake propaganda stories about Zelensky?

In my judgment, these are fundamentals to comprehend concerning Ukraine and Russia.

When your news hero is now feeding you cheap Russian propaganda, it is time to reconsider where you get your information. Please look to my previous articles HERE for some reliable sources on Ukraine that have verified one another's accuracy.

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