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Robbery Felon Chas Moore Flaunts 501c3 Wealth After Police Defunded in Austin, Texas - Crime Rises!

Report and Opinion by Lauren Comele Morris

May 30, 2022

World Headquarters for Austin Justice Coalition, a 501c3 Charity Formed in 2016

Valued at $553,000 to $667,000

Grifter? Swindler? Con-Artist? Fraudster? Racketeer? Or, Great Orator & Leader?

You be the Judge!

What happens to a city when a black man who is a five-time arrestee and college dropout is anointed as the new moral authority on racial equity and police abolition?

What happens when the openly Marxist Black Lives Matter activist promotes the destruction of capitalism, shares ideology and goals with known subversives such as the Chinese Communist Party USA, marches with Maoist violent and riotous Red Guards, and associates with the antisemitic Nation of Islam?

Austin, Texas 2020

When the black activist speaks predominantly on systemic and institutional racial oppression, victimization, and white supremacy violence against blacks, is this education with good intentions or is it criminal thinking and deception?

What if said black activist figures out how to make money on such a crusade, let's say, through a 501c3 charity organization called The Austin Justice Coalition? What if the "charity" donations solicited for "increasing racial and economic equity for people of color and the poor through programs and initiatives in education, policing, civic engagement and community building" were instead used to defund the police and influence legislation? What if they were successful at that? Would you think that mission statement a scam, a well thought out agenda, or just faulty thinking and unintended consequences? What if that agenda was on a massive scale nationwide? Because folks, that is the case.

Does it become a crime or even a criminal enterprise worthy of RICO when the money comes rolling in and the trips and clothes reveal personal enurement from the funds? Are the expenditures warranted for such success? How can someone spend all that money and stay in compliance with the IRS codes regarding substantial activity when the mission statement contradicts the activity and what is legal under a 501c3 not for profit charity?

What happens to a city when the charity organizers and their associates achieve actual city council resolutions for white supremacy oversight, successfully defund the police by millions of dollars, impose mandatory "undoing racism" classes on the economic music sector seeking COVID money, and make millions in city contracts to impose critical race theory to the local cops? What if the economic sector was in fact score-carded on their racism and equity compliance? See article on equity in Austin HERE.

The following resolutions and actions were taken by the City of Austin in 2020 towards undoing racism programs and initiatives. These documents are supported by hundreds of emails, numerous City Council meetings, an Equity Commission, black consultants hired by the City; zoom meetings held between judges, the Chief of Police and Chas Moore on bail reform, street riots and rallies; and a liberal Austin press who produced over a thousand articles on Chas Moore and openly supported the protests causing Austin tax payers millions of dollars. It was an all out war on cops in lock step with Portland and Seattle. See previous article Austin Marxists Join the War on Cops. The language in the following documents is shocking:

BLM Resolution June 2020-Adopted
Download PDF • 286KB

Action for Cronk
Download PDF • 130KB

Resolution Racism
Download PDF • 1.17MB

One result in Austin after police defunding was an immediate catastrophic surge in crime, murder, and violence in the communities AJC claimed to protect, advocate for and represent. Mass shootings, car jackings, construction site theft, machete attacks, vagrant crime, homeless violence and more broke out. Nineteen officer indictments for responding to the 2020 riots were handed down by a known socialist Soros district attorney are now in court. The demoralization of an entire police force is reported in blow by blow fashion by a communist supporting media.

Austin Network put together a mountain of information on the epidemic of crime and homicide.

Article HERE.

You would think the charity organizers would be ashamed but they are not. Why? Because this is Marxism on parade with a Mayor and a City Council in on the agenda.

Chas Moore says "White people, we have a lot of work to do". Moore's answer is the redistribution of white wealth to the black community. It is called "equity" and it is achieved through a campaign of inflicting shame and punishment on the white race. "We want it all" said the organizers from Houston during the George Floyd Act hearings in Austin. See article HERE.

Why are Hundreds of American Foundations and Thousands of Philanthropists Funneling Money into Police Abolitionists?

The 501c3 pathway has become a conveyor belt for radical change in the USA, and not for the better. It is a vehicle by which BLM activists and others support their causes, but also generate massive income and achieve fame and political power. But for Chas Moore, his shady record and mug shots will forever haunt him.


On June 29, 2005 Chas Dominique Moore and two others committed a property theft and struck a man. Chas was convicted of Felony II Robbery. Bail was set at $20,000. On March 24, 2006, in The State of Texas vs. Chas Dominique Moore a motion to dismiss was filed on another robbery charge as the Defendant was already convicted in another case.

Chas was booked on July 10, 2015 for a DWI in Austin. Chas had an assault charge in 2018 for fighting in a bar, a criminal trespassing charge in 2019, and most recently in February 2020 for a warrant.


This video speaks for itself on how Chas feels about his record and white people:

Chas is shown snorting cocaine in another lengthy documentary piece by Austin Network on his record found HERE.

So why is the money pouring in to a known felon and repeat offender who hates cops, and who supported and participated in the often destructive 2020 BLM street protests? "It's like I say, at the end of the day, these things can be replaced" said Moore in a live Facebook Zoom with Mayor Steve Adler. The list of people who have donated to Chas Moore is long and includes but is not limited to the following: The Moody Foundation of Texas who donated $50,000 for support of Chas' efforts to help the homeless during the 2021 snowstorm and an additional $50k went to Christina Muhammad of The Nation of Islam for her group 10,000 Fearless, a first responder organization. Contributions in 2020 from the filed Form 990 total $3,786,347 and include George Soros' Open Society Foundation who donated $765,000.00; Borealis Policing for $80,000.00; Google at $30,000.00; The Texas Fair Defense Project at $314,079.00; the Gerson Lehman Group at $20,328.00; The Sparkplug Foundation at $21,500.00; and the Jewish Community Foundation at $25,000.00. Others who donated at under $10,000 were individuals. Expenses totaled $549,216 and included $52,629.00 for payment processing fees. Then there are the salaries, assets and grants.

Moore's political connections include participating in events with Jihadist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. He advised the District Attorney in 2019 as a member of the Civil Rights Council in Austin, works directly with Mayor Adler, stated he advised Chief Manley (retired after the last shooting of a POC by an officer), was a voter registrar, and sits on the "Reimagine Public Safety Task Force" who removed $153.2 million dollars from the police budget. Chas states "We actually wrote the de-escalation policy - although they will never admit this - we wrote the de-escalation policy for the Austin Police Department."

Chas Moore With Congresswoman and CAIR Advocate Ilhan Omar

Austin's Mayor Steve Adler Kneeling to Black Lives Matter With the Fist of Power During A COVID Lock Down

At the close of 2021, Chas has been seen on Twitter promoting his Twitch page where he engages in violent video-gaming and vaping complete with references to shooting cops and frequent N words. Chas states on his @iGiveYouMoore page that "being able to make some passive income while gaming/streaming has always been a dream of mine . . . would highly appreciate the support if able!"


Moore With Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Chilling With Austin's Mayor Steve Adler

Icon Status in Austin, Texas Wearing a BLM Logo Over an Angela Davis T-Shirt in Front of the Chas Moore Mural in East Austin

Posing With His Hero - Radical Activist and Famed Abolitionist Angela Davis

Carnegie Hall 2021 With Al Sharpton Associates

Striking a Pose in Tulum, Mexico

Lap of Luxury in Montego Bay, Jamaica


Austin Mayor, Steve Adler, Chas Moore & Angela Davis

Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Angela Davis


The IRS do not have an investigative arm for 501c3s that fly under the radar of $3 million dollars in receipts. They do not have an investigative department for "substantial activity" cases. Groups can market for their causes as a charity front but engage in a substantial activity of influencing legislation and activities of police department destruction and be rewarded by numerous foundations who are unaware of their real activities.

It is illegal under the Internal Revenue Codes (4955, 6852 and 7409) for charities to use income for personal gain, support illegal or terrorist activities, engage in excessive lobbying, substantial influencing of legislation, writing policy, and engaging in deceptive or improper fundraising activities. How does one investigate and prove a substantial activity case? The answer: OSINT, time and ground surveillance.

The IRS must be held accountable for their lack of investigation and prosecution. The public are catching on. Ethics Attorney Paul Kamenar recently filed an IRS Whistleblower lawsuit against BLM'S Marxist Patrice Cullors HERE and articles are being written. See Frontpage weigh in HERE.

The 501c3 scam is also a conveyor belt for the Refugee Resettlement Program and the Catholic Charities. See that article HERE. In short, I believe these agencies to be headed towards some RICO charges.

OPINION: Did the national agenda and the Austin Template of demoralization and defunding of cops result in the fear and lack of response in the recent elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas? Or, was it a lack of conviction and training? Did the BLM activists including The Austin Justice Coalition and Chris Harris, who claim that abolishing the police IS the answer because more cops isn't, just prove their point? Leftists support abortion at any stage and the complete disarmament of the public. They support puberty blockers for two year olds, surgery for transitioning of minors, gender fluidity classes in school, critical race theory, and the man-boy love association, the destruction of Christianity, the tearing down of capitalism, the green new deal, and cash bail. They support open borders and the jailing of every single Trump supporter. They support an oppressive Islam. Who are the domestic terrorists here? What kind of utopia are we headed for with these Marxists in charge of our cities? At best, the police defunding 501c3s nationwide absolutely reflect the conflicting narratives of the Marxist 101 agenda.



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