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“A false conclusion once arrived at and widely accepted is not easily dislodged; and the less it is understood, the more tenaciously it is held.” 

Georg Cantor, German Mathematician (1845-1918)

Yan Petrovsky (R) of Rusich Assault Task Force 

The bloody business and rocky relationship between the Wagner Mercenary Group’s CEO, Yevgeny Prigozhin and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, finalized in August 2023 with the spectacular fiery plane spiraling Prigozhin to his death. Shot down in a blaze of glory, the martyr’d son of Z, the Russian brand for the war in Ukraine. T-shirt anyone?

The footage captured via cell phone from the unknown source retreating behind a building casts the shadowy power of open source intelligence in the hands of an average citizen; or equally powerful, in the hands of a propagandist. Yevgeny’s death is having significant consequences in Russian interests around the globe, specifically Syria, Libya, Africa and Ukraine.

The incident also caused the death of Dmitry Utkin, one of Yegveny’s top commanding officers. Utkin is undeniably a Nazi. As the war drags on and the atrocities mount, Putin’s blatant lies on Ukraine, and hypocritical commitments to murdering Nazi soldiers of fortune are too conspicuous to dismiss. Putin’s overt Nazi battlefield tactics should weigh heavily on American Republicans who have tragically taken Putin’s side in its slaughter of the Ukrainian children. The same Putin, whose comrades in arms include Iran and North Korea, both terrible sworn Communist and Islamic enemies of the West and two of our greatest forever threats.


TVP World (Television Poland) “Break the Fake” posted a video showing Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov declaring that: “Ukrainians are playing dangerous games. We know how they can stage all sorts of tragedies. We know about the distribution of iodine and other drugs. They also staged Bucha. They also staged an alleged Russian missile strike on Kramatorsk. But then it turned out the rocket was American. They are staging many other things. As you can see, comedian talents show themselves, so we have to live with it.” Watch Here:


These aged Russian warmongers do not realize the world around them exists and has passed them by. They conscript their young men to war under false pretenses. Do they not realize that there is an internet and people have access to it? That their absurd lies are going to be exposed? The Russians have painted a false picture for the world as if it is still 2014 in the Donbas and the world is not aware there is a war going on. They know the world looked the other way when they conquered Chechnya, Georgia, and they bombed Syrian civilians for Assad. Americans will be forced to care as this war is close to home. The US is home to large populations from Eastern Europe including Ukraine. This is a voting base that will be lost to any politician not supporting Ukrainian defense. Marjorie Taylor Greene - take note.

Putin's days of plausible deniability afforded to him by the private militias he pays are over, because the killers boast on social media during moments of egomania and drunkenness. They expose their whereabouts to the real time open source intelligence watchers. Putin has gotten away with too much for too long. Then, a young President Zelensky said to President Biden who offered him a way out of the country: "I do not need a ride, I need weapons". That was the shot heard around the world and David once again, took on Goliath.

I went to Bucha one year after the invasion in May 2023 and the evidence is gutwrenching even now after debris removal. No one walks on the trails between Bucha, Irpin and Hostomel for fear of stepping on a landmine. See my documentary short - Messages From Ukraine. Lavrov lied about Bucha and the world knows.

Images and articles about Putin’s Nazis came out in 2022 from many sources, including one on April 8, 2022 from The Telegraph. The title reads: The Openly Fascist and Far-Right Fighters in the Rusich Task Force Undermine Russia’s Claims it is Fighting to ‘De-Nazify’ Ukraine. So why do Americans on the conservative right still believe that Ukrainians are the Nazis who are bombing their own citizens? Why do the alt-conservative media continue to bat for Putin? I will get there, read on.


Dmitry Utkin, a Neo-Nazi, is credited with co-founding the Wagner Group and named it after the famous German composer who was a Hitler favorite. Utkin has many Nazi tattoos, his religious beliefs stem from Slavic paganism. His life is reflected in his Nazi ideology and played out on the battlefield in private militias. The August 23, 2023 plane crash claimed the lives of Utkin and Yevgeny Prigozhin, both branded as heroes. Both had achieved world wide fame. Wikipedia profiles Utkin’s history of brandishing Neo-Nazi doctrine and bloodthirsty acts that flourished in the private militias in which he served.

Neo-Nazi Dmitry Utkin of Wagner Group

The following video is a detailed breakdown on the Wagner Group and their locations and Dmitry Utkin’s ties to Putin. Wagner exists merely to secure Russian resource interests in other countries, with a large presence in Africa. Why Putin Runs His Own Private Army (The Wagner Group) - YouTube.

DW, a German broadcast service, released a documentary on Wagner in 2021 on its operations in Libya and Syria.

Yan Petrovsky is a founder of the assault attack group, Rusich. Yan was born in 1987 and his academic life, his interests and environment became the perfect grooming scenario for his now murderous battlefield life. According to Wikipedia: "After graduating from university, Petrovsky began working at the “True Metal Tattoo” tattoo parlor, an institution famous for regular gatherings of Neo-Nazis from Eastern Europe. Petrovsky patrolled the streets of Tønsberg as part of the Soldiers of Odin and was involved with the Neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement. In 2010, the police carried out a raid there. Petrovsky and his associates were detained. During a search in the parlor, forged documents and weapons were found. The police found that the weapon belonged to the Russian radical nationalist Viacheslav Datsik.

Petrovsky is tattooed in pagan and nationalist symbolics: Black Sun, Valknut and various runes. In an interview for Novorossiya TV in 2015 he explained he came to Ukraine to fight against “Khazar kaghanate“, a synonym for Jewish conspiracy. Milchakov and Petrovsky met at a paramilitary training program of the terrorist group Russian Imperial Movement.

In 2014, Petrovsky went to Donbas, where he fought against the Ukrainian army. During this period, pictures appeared on the Internet in which Petrovsky poses against the background of killed Ukrainian soldiers. In the summer of 2015, Rusich Group fighters announced they were leaving Donbas region. One version of Rusich leaving the fighting was a conflict with the leader of the Luhansk People’s Republic, Igor Plotnitsky. Yan was captured recently in Finland who may transfer him to Kyiv for war crimes prosecution.

Are all pagans Nazis? No, they are not. Are all Nazis pagans? No, they are not. See how this happens? Blended ideologies create chaos in culture and that chaos is a significant part of how Putin wages war on Ukrainians. In short, Putin funds terrorists and terrorism and he does not care who does the dirty work so long as it gives him plausible deniability when the groups commit atrocities.

Putin’s Ties to Terrorists and Terrorist States make Russia a Super Terrorist State

Putin is a Notorious War Criminal Indicted by the ICC

NATO Conference 2023

Republicans who have taken the propaganda path of supporting Putin and thereby his allies North Korea and Iran must reverse their direction. If not, they will go down in history as repeating the past of WWII when citizens unwittingly and/or willingly supported the massacre of the Jews.

Everything that happened between Hitler’s rise to power and “The Final Solution” was a grey zone of effective propaganda, chaos, and wretched denial. How else would a genocide occur on that scale of cooperation? It occurs when the public look away and their egos and opinions become more important than the suffering of others. This is now an American disease. It is more important for one’s opinion to be the correct one, than to humble oneself and admit a hoodwink.


It would seem that Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Jack Posobiec, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Brigitte Gabriel have stepped into the Alex Jones outrage profiteering arena. As anti-Zelensky propagandists, they neglect their ethics and higher duty as journalists. They are pounding that square peg into the round hole no matter whom it hurts, and all the while selling their wares and memberships. They slander, mock, and defame the suffering Ukrainian children. They pose as a moral authority and yet they are completely detached from reality and void of empathy and Christian compassion.

Fortunately, there are intelligent, informed individuals to correct these grossly negligent errors. Actual experts in war and well versed in the history and the facts of the Russian/Ukraine conflict. They have seen this tragic path of supporting our enemies and have launched counter social media content. They are our former generals and colonels, geo-political experts, academics in Russian history, and civilians with a brain.

Additionally, open source intelligence evidence is swiftly proving not only alt-conservative media misrepresentations to the public, but revealing business and political ties to the Kremlin. Are they afraid of being killed by Putin because he kills oppositional journalists? Are they being bullied? Or is it loyalty to Trump and the hatred for Biden? Whatever it is, it is a dumpster fire.

I am not a loyal fan of TV news entertainment personalities. They are there to provide me with a service and that service includes trust, competency, skill, experience, intelligence, talent, and the highest degree of journalistic ethics. Not crass remarks and indoctrinating opinion, lies, spin and propaganda. Faulty thinking and mistakes are no excuse when the stakes are the blood and treasure of human lives, the preservation of human rights, democracy, and unstable geopolitical shifts. The Ukraine war is too important for us to be intentionally misled into picking the wrong side, and it is indeed time to pick a side. We must engage with intelligent people who present evidence reinforcing the facts. There are outstanding alternative options to Tucker Carlson and his comrades. Catch up with us on Conservatives 4 Ukraine on Facebook to see what I mean.

Both the Russians and the Chechens involved in the invasion of Ukraine have saturated social media with claims that they are cleansing Ukraine of Nazis and Shaitans (devils). On Telegram, Chechnya President and Islamic warlord Ramzan Kadyrov vowed to behead all Ukrainian commanders they caught. While the false Nazi narrative was all over the internet and targeting the Trump crowd specifically, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, claimed nothing had happened in Bucha and that the Ukrainians staged the invasion and slaughter. Absolutely absurd.

We saw the evidence of the torture, kidnappings, executions and massacres. Despite the undeniable and convincing evidence, this falsehood seeped into the language of MAGA enthusiasts. “The war is a hoax!” they claimed. “Zelensky is bombing his own people!” “Zelensky is a puppet, a money launderer and a sex trafficker”. Many of the MAGA crowd staunchly defended Tump when he was being morally scrutinized during the Stormy Daniels and the “grab em by the pu--y” fiascos. They immediately fell for the fake news and crucified Zelensky because it came from their ego driven, fired up news anchors who glorified Putin as a Christian saving Ukraine from the woke West. “He’s saving the west from the Nazis and destroying the new world order” they boasted. Republicans wanted to believe the outrageous stories.

How much better it is to see true greatness, ingenuity, talent, intelligence, and a bravery that we have not seen since WWII. They are missing history being made. They prefer to slander the slaughtered citizens. Tucker Carlson called Zelensky “t-shirt boy wanting another handout”. Col. MacGregor is grossly wrong on a daily basis. John Guandolo called Ukraine a "bad country". Eventually, Charlie Kirk followed suit with the anti-Zelensky campaign and the tale grew taller on down the line to the lower level independent wannabe YouTube news personalities who haven’t spent a day in a how-to-research class. They are too busy commenting on the outrage of the day and positioning themselves as experts on every topic that comes along from the shallow research they conduct.


Alternatively, smart, young and intelligent analysts from across the pond have formed teams offering excellent geopolitical analysis with open source intelligence to backup their arguments. On YouTube you can find The Caspian Report, Kings and Generals, William Spaniel, and my favorite, CRUX. There are many military analysts, from the independent analyst/expert, to those with impressive careers speaking out to correct the Russian propaganda damage. America too has its pro Ukraine teams. The Institute for the Study of War, the US Ukraine Foundation, Republicans for Ukraine, Trevor Loudon, Victor Rudd, Jeff Nyquist, Clare Lopez, Gen. Ben Hodges, Gen. Philip Breedlove, Gen. Petreus and many others are devoted to supporting Ukraine and exposing Putin’s belligerence and war crimes. These individuals/groups and their collective calculations complete the validity and truth of Putin's long history of aggression and atrocities. Open source intelligence is exposing Russian Nazi battlefield tactics, Lavrov's lies, and it has outed the young propaganda teams who produce false content and videos all throughout the social media ecosystem.


The realities of the war in Ukraine are illuminated through objective facts and evidence, and not open to interpretation. Therefore, with evidence in the chain of custody and in hand, are you on the side of the defenders of freedom in Ukraine; do you understand the importance of a victory to the rest of the world; or you are on the side of Putin, his profiteering militia thugs, Iran and North Korea? It is that simple.

In the beginning, the European geopolitical analysts and experts laughed at Tucker Carlson. They stopped laughing when they saw how effective the propaganda was in swaying Republican members of Congress, specifically Marjorie Taylor Greene, to defund Ukraine. Ukrainians know very well who the real Nazis are, and how they wage war. These battlefield tactics include:

  1. Flooding the information space with propaganda that accuses your enemy of what you yourself are doing. Genocide, in this case.

  2. Infiltrates and corrupts the target’s political, economic and citizen environments as part of the ethnic cleansing operations. Here, it is forcing Ukrainians to swear allegiance to Putin and become Russian citizens; and illegally annexing territories.

  3. Battlefield soldiers of fortune who murder for a living and subscribe to Nazi ideology that will do the dirty work of rape, torture, kidnapping, bombing, looting, forced relocation of children, environmental terrorism, scorched earth, and the senseless murder of a people and its culture. Ethnic cleansing, terrorism, and war crimes.

If the mountain of evidence cannot convince the public that we should bring Putin before the International Criminal Court, then the Putin supporting public are endorsing war crimes and are mouthpieces for genocide, mirroring those who supported Hitler in WWII.

It has been easy for some people to fall for the anti-Zelensky narrative because of the power of our mainstream media. They deliver grains of truth and muck it up with lies and minutia - the grey zone. That is Marxism 101. However, the truth is coming out. In fact, it has always been there. Is it more worthwhile to be loyal to your favorite correspondent, or loyal to the truth? I surmise that our alt-conservative correspondents, who stupidly support Putin, harbor monstrous egos that are too inflated to confess their error, and this is a pitiable character flaw. I urge the alt-conservative media to correct their path now, because this issue will not die off like the Ukrainian citizens who are dying for the right of their land and the freedom of their children. I urge all who have fallen for the Kremlin propaganda to correct their course.

If you support my work, please consider a tax deductible donation to The Centrist, Inc. We are a member of The Paypal Giving Fund. Please go to the Centrist tab on this website to find out more. We are headed to Bucharest, Romania on October 16th to collect more in person data on our Truth in Ukraine Project. Please support our efforts HERE.



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