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7 Assumptions About Me

By Lauren Comele Morris


March 2021

Assumptions are dangerous because they become lies. I typically do not write about myself in my blog. I am saving that for my book. However, many things have been said about me by people who suffer from the sickness of identity politics. This blog post is to clear some smoke in a toxic environment that is built on ridiculous lies and assumptions. I am defending myself here.

I am a mother, a wife, a writer, a musician, a black belt in kung fu, a farm animal caretaker and advocate, a home builder, a businesswoman, a thought leader, a researcher, a speaker, a patriot. I was a reserve level police officer who worked undercover sex crimes for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. My family built the original public waterslide park, the very first - Lake Dolores. I pioneered a celtic festival and produced records. I became an audio forensics expert and a music producer who has written numerous film scores and wrote 15 pieces of music for MTV under contract. I am a good friend and someone who has lended their talents to others. I am a discrete confidant. I have been both a republican and a democrat and am a loyal patriot. I care about women in other countries who suffer under the Sharia. I stand for strong borders, law and order, and I look deep to find the truth by listening to many sides. I am a Centrist and have devoted my life to fighting the extremism that I know intimately, the extremism that I research and film it when it plays out on the streets of Austin, the extremism I write about. I am not perfect.

Here are the ridiculous things I have been called and my responses:

RACIST! NAZI! The most ridiculous labels of all hurled my way from AntiFA and radical leftist "activists" in Austin. The people who see invisible Nazis. Do I have to state the obvious and say that I have many friends who are not white? I guess I do. I rented a home to a young black man and his three children for five years. He became one of my best and most trusted friends. I have people who are engaging in my non-profit that are persons of color. I reject this destructive and fake white supremacy narrative. The people who wield this political weapon, I believe, know that it is Marxism 101 being used to take us down. It has a hold of our dumb as a box of rocks young people who reurgitate it incessantly. Why? Because it is easy. Black Lives Matter! Okay, tell me something I don't know. Our own government is now using it against us, it is so effective. It is utterly ridiculous, but one of the most dangerous assumptions we face.

I have white skin. I have Scottish and Irish heritage. I am a Celt and if you want to call me a Nazi, a Fascist or a Racist, I am happy to Riverdance all over your face!

BIGOT! I was called a bigot for loudly objecting to the propagandist Islamophobia Fear Inc., panels, and London's Mayor and Pakistani Muslim Sadiq Khan taking the political SXSW key note stage in 2018. If you object to radical islamic terror, you are labeled a bigot for painting all Muslims with a broad brush. But that isn't the point. The point is, islamic terror and Sharia and its devastating oppression of women and the incompatibility with democracy. It has no place in our society. The point is, the suit jihadis, the front groups. It is that simple. When that was all they had against me during arguments, Sri Lanka happened and 200 people died. See my article on SXSW and Sadiq Khan.

I am not a bigot for openly opposing Islamic oppression of women and I reject the propaganda used for the purpose of injecting Sharia into the American landscape.

ISLAMOPHOBE! There is plenty to be afraid of when it comes to Islam so go ahead. I just might be a radical islamophobe. Where's my t-shirt? I always say, you should be afraid, you should be very afraid, until your knowledge is such that you are fearless. Learn about Islam because it sure has learned about you. Learn about how it moves, what it is about and why it matters to the United States. Why do I care so much? Because when I was a preteen it moved into my home. I lived with some of the first members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were establishing their presence in the US. I will never forget the things I experienced and the things I saw, like the women who sat on the floor of my home, covered from head to toe, their eyes cast downward while the men sat on the furniture chatting. The call to prayer, the halal, the religious bathroom habits, the sexual advances towards my mother in the middle of the night, the violent posters on their bedroom wall that said "death to America", and then finally, the FBI showing up. The whole group of them disappearing after that without a trace. No one can ever take that from me. I care very much about Islam and what it is to humanity. To simply disregard it and look the other way is an irresponsible position to take. To make assumptions on what it is and what it isn't without a thorough study and considerable effort and time learning, well, that is ignorant and dangerous. Don't be stupid. Don't make assumptions about Islam as if you know what you are talking about after a cursory review or an ideal based on your ability to live in democracy.

Islam is totalitarian. I reject it.

ALEX JONES DISCIPLE! A booking agent from Austin called me this after seeing a Facebook post I made forwarding an Infowars' article that reported on Islamic hijrah migration into Europe, a very complex issue and an issue I track and study along with many experts in this field. I gave Alex Jones my time and attention for several months. I listened to him and I also listened to what others said about him. I've met and shared the stage with Owen Shroyer. I know these people. But, I do not watch Infowars simply because I prefer other people more. I assume my accuser has never listened to Alex Jones or gave him a fair shake. He is a "conspiracy theorist". Good grief. Is that all you have? "Oh, how sad for Lauren", she said. Isn't that an elitist, holier than thou position? Suddenly, you are better, smarter and more informed than I because of who you are and your opinion that is not open for a debate? Alex Jones is a "conspiracy theorist", and that's all he is. That's all that matters. He is therefore, utterly without redemption, merit or value. Zero.

I do not subscribe to a zero theory judgment of any man. I do not disregard Alex Jones' blunders, but I also do not disregard his entire voice as unworthy of merit.

VIOLENT EXTREMIST! Recently, a young lady said "Gosh, Lauren, I hope you don't do anything violent! "Q is bullshit". I have never once even read a Q post much less quoted Q. Nor would I have stormed the Capitol or incited others to do so. What I assume is that she has never read my blog and has no clue whatsoever my counter extremism work. I know for a fact she doesn't know who I work with or what I do. I believe based on her remarks and terminology that she has adopted Marxist and anti-Trump narratives. She stated, quote, "Trump is a fascist POS"! Really? Gosh, I thought he was a free market capitalist. I admit, I have been excitible in the past. I have been wound up. I've had good times and much adventure and have done some things I regret. I grew up in the 70s and went to rock concerts, drove hot rods. Life was good. But I am much older now. I do not have the physical speed and agility I did when I was busting shoplifters or playing bait for violent sex offenders. So what am I going to do, make bombs? Come on. No, I am not a violent extremist and that is another word that is hyped up and over used. Extremist. Wake up young people. Spend some time discovering what extremism is really. Pretty much some of what you indeed support. Radical agendas and hate. You cannot see the forest for the trees. Extremists are not freedom loving patriots like me who have made violent extremism a priority to fight against. There are many of us who track extremism, real extremism and we are brave enough to write about it.

The time of "don't say anything negative" is over. We must identify the enemy, call it out. That enemy is not me. I am not a domestic terrorist. How dare you!

TRUMPER! While I have never purchased one item of Trump swag, yes I supported the Office of the Presidency as I have always done. I have voted democrat and republican. I vote for the person who supports the policies that are important to me and I want my president to succeed. I am ashamed of Biden and his openly communist agenda. I am ashamed of the agenda driven main stream media. It's frightening and we now have things happening in this country that happened during the time of Hitler! Yes, I supported Trump for his sweeping animal cruelty legislation which should come down hard on the cruel factory farming. I supported his killing of Islamic terrorists, his medical policies, his opioid policy, his giving millions of dollars for black causes, the right to try, his border and refugee policy, the terror ban, and his economic policies that worked. He has been a great president and credit should be given where it is deserved. "Blue no matter who" friends posted on Facebook. Really? The Democratic Socialists openly have adopted Marxism, a filthy and destructive agenda just like their founder, Karl Marx. They openly support the CCP, a genocidal government. I cannot look the other way as if this does not affect me. I cannot disregard our military and what they have fought to preserve as if it doesn't affect me.

No, I am not a Marxist and I reject the Democratic Socialist agenda.

LOUSY AUDIO ENGINEER! On the contrary, I obtained a perfect score at Berklee for my audio engineering work. I am a forensic expert who studied at the Center for Media Forensics under the pioneers of audio forensics in Denver and received my certificates. I signed a contract with MTV to produce music for two of their reality shows. I have a music supervisor who promotes my work. I've scored numerous films and operated a company that was a one stop shop for post audio film production. I have had the honor of working with some of the most noted and best musicians in the world, several of them. I mixed and mastered films and live music performances of Grammy winning artists. I produced a rockumentary hosting platinum recording artists with millions of fans. I produced two Celtic releases and went to No. 1 on MP3 back in the day. I've sold a lot of records and my music was released in over 25 markets worldwide.

No, I do not think I am a "lousy audio engineer".

What lies, labels and myths have been said about you?

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