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It's Easy Being Communist In Austin 2021

By Lauren Comele Morris

Op Ed May 2, 2021

Austin, Texas

On Saturday, May 1, 2021 a Marxist coalition crowded onto the sidewalks for the annual International Worker's Day March. Members of The Mike Ramos Brigade, Red Guards Austin, Chinese Communist Party loyalists, Antifa, Democratic Socialists and UT students were flanked by Austin's riot squad and bike cops.

Some observers were stunned at the shocking display of Communism marching through the streets of Austin, Texas. Others laughed and hurled insults. It is always an expensive day for the City of Austin when Communists "take the streets". See Author's Note Below.

Austin Police pin the marchers at a transition point where in the past they have split into two groups.

Red Guards Austin have celebrated their May Day event for years, marching about with posters of Mao, Stalin, Lenin and Marx. Their chant, "Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, the fight, the fight, the fight goes on" reflectively booms about the downtown buildings. See the earlier article on Maoist Red Guards Austin here.

Karl Marx & Red Guard

This International Worker's Day was a mash-up of camping ban reinstatement voters, patio loungers sipping morning cocktails, de-masked dog walkers, shoppers, and ladies who lunch. The scene was not fazed momentarily by the obvious elephants in the room; Austin's 10,000 homeless, the frightening escalation of violence, the filthy tent cities and mountains of trash, and the loss of the music. People were happy to be about town once again.

The peace was, however, interrupted at about 1:00 p.m. when approximately 100 persons led by Red Guards Austin (Maoists) came charging around the downtown area with their red flags and chanting "We're Communist and we're proud".

Some of the patio loungers responded with laughter and retorted "Commies go home"!

Others are heard touting the group calling them "faggots and idiots". One person was seen throwing his hands up in utter shock at the sight.


Organized ground dominance tactics.

A shocked and disturbed bystander.

Red Guards turn their attention on Austin Proud Boy Christopher Ritchie. Ritchie has been a long time confrontational opponent to the yearly activity. Ritchie's two part video can be seen HERE.

The Red Green Axis of Communists and Sharia compliant Muslims converged to march for socialist worker's rights, and against Capitalism. "In the street, in the fight, workers of the world unite".

A bit of squaring off is always tempting.

Several Arrests

The event resulted in approximately 10 arrests. See Patriot Media Video.

Propaganda confiscated.

This female detainee was soon released. Many others were not so lucky.


Before COVID, Austin made a beautiful sound as home to South By Southwest, thousands of world class musicians, and iconic venues. However, in 2020 Austin became a COVID ghost town. See, Who Killed Austin. The streets were "taken" by Black Lives Matter, The Austin Justice Coalition, The Mike Ramos Brigade, Antifa, and Red Guards.

Austin's legendary culture was replaced by Marxists joining the national war on cops. Social justice warriors chanted through distorted bullhorns "if we don't get it, burn it down" and "all cops are bastards". That campaign lasted almost nightly from spring until fall and was largely supported by Mayor Steve Adler and City Council members, the Democratic Socialists, UT Austin students and some UT faculty members.

Austin's local mainstream media joined the tandem effort supporting Black Lives Matter by hosting Chas Moore of the Austin Justice Coalition as the predominant commentator for "Black Austin". Moore and associates hosted Zoom meetings with Travis County Judges over prison and incarceration reforms, weighed in on the homeless crisis, and even the transportation bill. Moore's main focus is police reform.

Moore and a coalition of activist groups working with the City produced resolutions focused on ridding Austin of its "white privilege". They established a "white supremacy action committee" to oversee the live music fund. The Resolutions offer apologies and reparations to "Black Austin".

The groups, while remaining separate and often clashing in their individual ideologies, have over time aligned for the greater cause of defunding the Austin Police Department. It worked. Austin Police Department suffered significant economic and tactical blows and Chief Manley resigned early on in 2021.

While Moore toiled in the boardroom, the street "protesters" fiercely wielded a militant arm against the Austin Police Department and any opposition. The result was the City of Austin's Re-imagining Public Safety task force.

Austin Police Department is now barricaded with iron fencing and it is estimated the groups have cost the department well over a million dollars in responding to last summer's street protests. The police department has been forever altered as the looming George Floyd Act is set to infiltrate the current system. Alternatively, state legislators are close to passing a constitutional carry bill and other bills that are strictly opposed by Black Lives Matter and their alliances.

Author's Note: While observers hurled dismissive insults at the Maoists calling them "morons" and "idiots" because of their ideology, many of them are intellectuals who work, pay taxes and raise children. Red Guards Austin are substantially organized and fiercely devoted to Maoism. Austin Communists collaborate on a ground game, education, social media, tech support, communications, health and safety, community, politics, and charity.

In 2020 they have shown that they can work with like-minded groups that they ideologically disagree with to overcome their conflicts and meet their goals. No opponent this successful should be underestimated. They suffered dozens of arrests and one casualty in 2020, when protester Garrett Foster, 28, was shot and killed in an armed confrontation. Yet, they continue.

Alternatively, the destruction of America and Capitalism is something that Americans will not tolerate. The citizens of Austin showed that when they passed Prop B on Saturday to reinstate the camping ban. Marxists call it "criminalizing the homeless". It is for the greater good of the community. The City's Re-Imagining Public Safety so far is a failure. The citizens of Austin have spoken and the "coalition" lost a big one Saturday.

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