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Islam's Hand: The Duality of Chaos & Control

"All war is based on deception." The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Take a look at your hand. The harder topside. Bony, evidencing the sharper edges and surface, the nails and the hair, the tendons and veins barely covered by the skin. Then notice the contrasting underside. More padding, a different character, a totally different countenance of texture, purpose, and utilty. The finger dexterity we enjoy is one of our most wonderous utilities. Both sides will leave drastically different marks and inflict substantial damage in a hand-to-hand combat situation. The outside edge of an open hand can be used to strike at a throat. The nails used to gouge out eyes and rip open skin to pernamently scar an opponent's face. The hand can grip, pinch and squeeze, cause bruising, broken bones and death. It goes without saying all the good our hands can do. The hands are the embodiment of duality. The physical metaphor for doing good and doing evil.

I have long been thinking of ways to describe a problem within Islam. To lay to rest an enormous confusion. It has been said that there are three levels to understanding the Islamic extremist problem. One is denial. Denial of the scale of it globally. Denial of the existence of such a threat, such a movement, such an evil. Two is disbelief. Again, disbelief of the scale of it, the history of Quranic war, the genius of this machine and its effectiveness, the goals, the commitment of its people, the rule of its texts, and the actions of its Prophet who is revered as "the perfect man". Three is acceptance. Acceptance that Islam has a tremendous problem with no resolution in sight. Acceptance that the more you learn, the worse it becomes. Acceptance that it effects each and every single one of us; and acceptance that you yourself might have to do something about it as a responsible patriot. You may not have the luxury of looking the other way, making excuses, or reverting back to a state of denial.

The confusion I speak of is whether or not there is a radical Islam and a moderate Islam. The confusion of whether or not there is a "twisted version" of Islam, or that the "real Islam", meaning the "religion of peace", was somehow hijacked and is being misrepresented, misinterpreted, misunderstood. That its extremist component is a malignancy that does not exist at its core. But this view is a lie, a denial. Are not all faiths subject to different interpretations? Are not all faiths riddled with enormous problems? What makes Islam different is that it will never reform and its people cannot do away with the obligatory jihadi violence of the Quran.  The obligation is also to follow in the footsteps of its Prophet who, according to history is undeniably a mass murderer, a warlord who owned sex slaves, and a pedophile who consumated a marriage when his child bride was nine years old. 

Why would anyone want to be associated with Islam? The brutal halal sacrifice of animals alone is enough to disgust any human with a regard for life and empathy for sentient beings.

There is a phenomenon among Muslims who tell themselves and the rest of the world that there is an "extreme version of Sharia". Do they not read their own verses? That is a high probability. How many Christians have read every line of The Bible? However, the Quran is a much smaller text. There are other important primary texts, namely, Hadiths which are the sayings and recorded traditions of the Prophet; and The Reliance of The Traveler which is accepted as sound Islamic law-Sharia, and is taught in Islamic schools of jurisprudence including here in the US.   Muslims believe that Islam is the perfect faith for mankind and Allah's word is sealed and therefore it is forbidden to reform. Quran 5.3 says: "Today have I perfected your religious law for you and have bestowed upon you the full measure of My blessings, and willed that self-surrender unto Me shall be your religion." Attempts to reform have all failed throughout history, therefore It would make sense to just push the violence found in the holy book under the rug and look the other way.

Certainly, a man who loves his faith who had never been taught these verses would be devastated to learn in his adult life that not only do these verses exist, but a Muslim is obliged to act upon them. Certainly, he would be devastated to learn that Al Qaeda, Isis, Al Shabaab, The Taliban and Boko Haram are manifesting these perfect verses. Allahu Akbar. That these groups are following in the footsteps of the Prophet, and that violence against all unbelievers, appostates, kafirs, enemies and transgressors of the Sharia is the highest form of jihad and pleasing to Allah. Quran 2:216: "Fighting is ordained for you, even though it be hateful to you; but it may well be that you hate a thing the while it is good for you, and it may well be that you love a thing while it is bad for you; and God knows, whereas you do not know." There are many more verses imposing the obligation for violent jihad. Reforming Islam would mean to purge the word of Allah and to render it invalid. That will never happen and individuals who do disobey or deviate from Sharia must be punished.

Islam is a ball of confusion. A duality of chaos and control. What causes the confusion/duality is Abrogation, where early verses that state peaceful acceptance are negated by later verses that are violent.

The answer to the question is there a radical Islam versus a peaceful Islam is thus: Islam is neither simply radical nor moderate. It is not hijacked. There is not a real Islam and then a sick, twisted version. It is both. Worse, the duality that plagues Islam beautifully serves the purpose of its genius. Al Qaeda and its sub groups use terror to create chaos and control as we have seen in Yemen, Africa, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere in the middle east. These groups militarized and moved into areas to gain control over their own communities and to fight their chosen oppressive enemies namely America, the greatest evil of all in their view. Areas in Africa that have suffered for decades with absent functioning governments, extreme ignorance, poverty and lawlessness were easy prey and quickly fell to Sharia via unimaginable brutality at the hands of Boko Haram and Al Shabaab in recent times. The same exact sanctioned war plan is used everywhere by Isis. The Taliban is notorious for attacking children at their schools with bombs. Each group has its own signature in the brutality of chaos and control.

But what of the Islamic plan for domination of countries that enjoy democracy, a rule of law, other faith practices, education, badass military forces, police, armed citizens, patriots in control, functioning governments and social systems, decent housing, running water, bathrooms, hospitals, fresh food, industry, entertainment, freedom of expression, equality, etc? In other words, developed cultures and civilized societies. How does Islam overtake, steal from, and dominate places like Sweden, France, Italy, Germany, Canada? What is the plan for the USA? One can take a good look at these places in real time, right now, to figure that one out with Paris as a great example of escalating the game plan.

How this machine works is truly genius. The ideologies are deep and complex, but there are steps in the ground domination game that we are seeing all throughout the west that work every single time. Since Al Qaeda cannot roll in to the US in tanks and Toyota trucks with machine guns, chop heads, rape women and kidnap young boys; the ground game must be flexible and that means propaganda, political influence operations, recruitment, and deception.

Let's start with victimization. Islamophobia is a campaign and it is utilized by groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to drive a narrative that Islamic people are discriminated against and victimized because of the actions of the extremists who operate under a "twisted version of Islam".  However, the truth is, the Islamophobia victimization narrative is just one influence operation that perpetuates division and chaos between peoples of a country such as Sweden or Germany. Both countries have been flooded with war torn refugees driven out of Isis controlled areas. These refugees come to the open arms of nurturing, oblivious women who want to help yet receive a non-assimilating, aggressive foreign influence imposing a totalitarian life system. A proven system that is deeply rooted with religious doctrine, ancient ideologies, inequality and violence. The push for Sharia begins immediately and is the every breath of the invaders.

Further, we see in London where the numbers of fundamentalist Muslims has reached a saturation point that radicalization in mosques has produced a surge of ongoing knife crime and rape, excused by Mayor Sadiq Khan. Fighters who left the country to go fight for the Islamic State in Syria and Africa eventually return and continue the chaos of fear and control. Why would they stop? Governments are not protecting the natural born citizens and recklessly push a narrative of inclusivity and diversity to their detriment. Such detriment is reflected in the industrial scale rape and murder of children and women by Islamic men who bring with them, their Quranic sanctioned right to brutalize women they see as whores and/or othewise property to be delt with as they choose. It is their right. Such violence is every day on the streets of London as women and girls are slashed, have acid thrown in their faces, are driven off the streets, beaten in public, groomed as sex slaves, and gang raped. Terrorists have blown up concerts, driven cars into cafes and detonated home made bombs. It is so bad that the Pakistani Mayor of London Sadiq Khan openly stated that "terror is part and parcel of living in a big city". Really? How dare you Mayor Khan. The duality of chaos of control continues.

Peace, or a show of force? How they see it is what matters.

Islam is not a religion of peace, period. It is a violent and oppressive total way of life. The activities that we see from "terrorists" are sanctioned, they are obligatory. They are at war with us and retaliating as victims of oppression.  What will the moderates do? Islam's growth and stealth jihad in the west is funded by globalists but ultimately paid for in blood and treasure by you and me. Islam continues with the ground domination, the deception of war, and the political influence operations that prey on oblivious and ignorant civilized people. Its goal is to dominate until all the world is ruled by Sharia. Think it can't happen here in the US? How about we consider the Islamophobia and hate map campaign of the Southern Poverty Law Center and its influence on violent Antifa street gangs who support CAIR.  Is it religious bigotry to fight this determined ancient war machine that uses the idea of a peaceful religion to control the masses?

How brilliant is that?

We need to accept the fact that Islam is always the same everywhere it goes. The Muslim Brotherhood's goal is to establish a new Islamist caliphate and the imposition of Sharia globally. We saw what happens when the Brotherhood takes control of a country such as it did in Egypt in 2012-2013. This machine works and we need to take a good look at countries that were once free that now suffer under the Sharia. Iran is a blaring example of that right now. We need to accept the fact that moderates and reformers will lose, even here in the US. They are in reality, celebrity appostates. The duality of Islam exists and the softer side that we see here in the US is equally as dangerous as the harder side we see in countries where the terrorists operate with impunity. The jihad in the US is real. The underside of the hand is dealing its blows, every single day through numerous front groups of suit wearing jihadis who operate as "advocacy groups" such as CAIR, ISNA and the Muslim Student Association. They do good works witin their communities, but also push Sharia and impose their will in order to make all the world Islamic. The day eventually comes when the hands deal the blows of chaos and control.

Again, look to what is happening right now in Europe where they are actually discussing Sharia in Parliment. Take note of the change in the culture, the violence, the loss of basic freedoms, and the outcry of the citizens who are watching their countries change before their very eyes. Take note that this is happening in your lifetime. We had better start doing something about it Americans, each one of us.

Learn about Islam.

Additional remarks by Mary Wierbicki, The United West, Sharia Crime Stoppers.

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