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Part II Drag Queen Story Hour ~ Houston's Sex Grooming Gang?

Opinion By Lauren Comele Morris

March 17, 2019

Last month I brought you an extensive piece on the Drag Queen Story Hour situation unfolding in Houston, Texas. Please read Part I of our story entitled “Down the Rabbit Hole of Drag Queen Story Time”. First, before I give you an update:

I am not against the gay community! I support equality and freedom for all and that includes the freedom to love whom you must and to live the life that you wish . . . within the laws of this land.

The people profiled in this report are of a unique group of citizens, i.e. Drag Queens.  They perform in front of children at the Freed Montrose Library in Houston, Texas. This is Part II of this story.

Many citizens prioritize this issue as one of morality and/or Christian principles. That is their religious right and freedom of thought for those who find the LGBTQ lifestyle “perverted and evil”. On the other hand, the LGBTQ community has fought an unrelenting fight for equality and normalcy, acceptance and tolerance. But the issue here is not merely LGBTQ equality. It has nothing to do with the community activism that any of these individuals engage in for humanity or how they love and care for one another. This is about a group of local drag queens reading to very young children in a public library setting, and whether or not the citizens should be forced to pay for this with their taxes.

The Drag Queens who are embroiled in this story in Houston at the Freed Montrose Public Library are exhibitionists. These are not just dudes dressing up like Phyllis Diller for fun at a powderpuff football game once a year and playing cheerleader. It goes way beyond that. These individuals are sexually explicit adult performers. It is their heart and soul. It is the sphere in which they thrive. They do not feel they are doing anything wrong or harming anyone. But, their feelings are not the facts and the opposition do not want them in the library arena sexually grooming young children. The spillover from these performance artists, now moving nationally into library facilities for public children's programming, is hotly contested.

These gender bending performers are photographed proudly engaging in countless public displays simulating explicit sexual acts and adult sexual dialogue through dramatic stage performances in adult venues. The shows and photos have been broadcasted all over social media on their personal Facebook pages, Instagram and YouTube.

The question is, should these same individuals be allowed to promote tolerance of their lifestyle choices to children through the acquiescence of lenient and curious parents? Furthermore, should they be allowed to target a public library children's program? Why are they even doing this, and why does the Mayor of Houston appear to be prioritizing his time and effort to see that it continues?

Looking the other way in order to be inclusive and welcoming to “diversity” is a ratification, and in this case, it is a ratification of the activities of a child sex grooming gang. Is the Houston Library and Mayor Turner funding and promoting a child sex grooming gang?

Recently, in an interview with Fox 26, Houston's Mass Resistance explained their campaign of objection to this issue. Tex Christopher filed a federal law suit and concerned citizens have been protesting in front of the library. They have aired their grievances to the City Council who seem to think their objection is laughable. Similarly, radio show personality and White House press pass holder Doc Greene protested the event and was subjected to police arrest, paid for by tax dollars. Greene suffered a public lynching by the Queen community press who predictably branded him a bigot and a homophobe.   See, Part I.

We can look at who is reading to the children. Let us just assume they are on their best behavior and presenting to children a fun day of arts and crafts, dress up play time, song, and dance. Let's give it to them that they are completely harmless biological men that just like to dress up flamboyantly as women because those types of drag queens do exist. But, when we took a look at the public profiles of the Houston performers, this is what we found:

Blackberri, who in a video from the last article can be seen offering her beard for touching during DQSH: “Do you want to touch my beard”? Here are just a few of the public photos of Blackberri:

Right. Next up we have Drag Queen, Tatiana Mila-Nina who is at the center of the issue. Mass Resistance dug up sex offender records for Albert Garza who was convicted of sexually assaulting an 8 year old child. Albert is “Tatiana”.

Social media tells us that Garza is physically and medically transitioning into Nikki Salazar:

There are plenty of photos and internet posts of Nikki's journey through transition and into performance art. Tatiana has performed at the library since 2017 with Blackberri. Numerous sexually explicit Tatiana You Tube videos have been removed just this week. Specifically, one entitled “Dick Mix”. There is one left of a performance at Houston's F Bar.  It is mild in comparison to what once was there.

Tatiana in the circle raising up her feminine power through white candle Magick:

Performers from the Houston DQSH in their poses for the Library followed by public photos of them in their regular lives:

Regina Blake, a former reader at the Library:

Cyn Queen, aka “Miss Gay US of A” here cooling himself down. Cyn read on 2/23/19 at the Kindred Lutheran Church, DQSH's new home, complete with bookmobile in tow.

Anthony Ramirez is a novelist, performer, and avid practitioner of Witchcraft. Anthony is a supportive member of the community. Anthony is the editor-in-chief at About Magazine, a LGBTQ publication. Ramirez writes about his sex life with men, and spell casting.

Sometimes Anthony's spell casting gets a bit dark utilizing a black candle:

Anthony's Book of Shadows work:

Some of Anthony's social media posts on oral sex:

More performers of DQSH community in Houston:

Here they are in their regular environment:

Hating the cops. That is, unless the tax payers are paying for them to protect your show from the "scary white supremacist protesters":

Folks, it goes on and on and on, in a Marilyn Manson kind of way for the Halloween season. Are the DQSH individuals able to separate their private lives from their public personas with the children?

The suggested reading list of DQSH includes books that promote gay marriage, gender-fluidity and non-conformity, cross-dressing and more. Mass Resistance reports that individuals seeking to have a Bible Story time have been met with silence, red tape and background check consent forms.

Objecting to this type of behavior does not make one a bigot or a hate group. That tired narrative applied to anyone who doesn't go along with evidence of the clear sexualization of children just doesn't equate.

Mass Resistance claims, among other things, that the Library knowingly breached policies, failed to do background checks, prohibited recording in violation of protected first amendment rights, and bounced citizen journalists. However, the Library has allowed recording and photos to promote the events. The once open-to-the-public event is now using tax dollars for police to prevent journalists and citizens with opposing views from attending, in direct contravention to public policy, and in violation of the United States Constitution.

What the Library is doing is ratifying a sex grooming gang's erotica, fetish play and sadomasochism agenda. Mass Resistance claims that the Library does not have a third option for a gender fluid or non-conforming and transgender bathroom. The Queens, biological men, are using the women's restroom with girls and women in the restroom. Mass Resistance claims that due to the protesting, known domestic terrorist organizations (Antifa and other socialist resistance groups) in Houston are planning to mobilize armed opposition against the Christian “white supremacy hate group”.

While the actual events have been moved to the Kindred Church, (previously Lutheran) the Library still calendars the "shows" and provides a bookmobile. The Library has refused to produce Open Request Records, and Mayor Turner ridiculed Mass Resistance warning them in City Council meetings to make sure they are “practicing their Christianity by being respectful”.

Criticism is not hate speech under the Constitution. Mass Resistance and the citizens of Houston have every right to criticize what they see as textbook child sex grooming gang activity held in a perfect storm environment, right out in the open.

The Library has since apologized for its oversight in its failure to do background checks, thereby allowing a convicted pedophile into the program . . . the very thing that Mass Resistance feared and led the charge on in protecting the children. Is that a hate group? I don't think so.


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