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Halal Slaughter Is Animal Cruelty. H.R. 1865 & 1158 are Passed! Ban Halal!

Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2019 Austin, Texas

Photos courtesy of Rayner Taylor


Austin's Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) held a Halal Festival on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2019. The event was publicized as a family event and open to the public. The Facebook event announced food traditions and cuisines and touted the event as a diverse, cultural experience in colaboration with the City of Austin's Asian American Resource Center. CAIR displayed the City of Austin Parks & Rec Department logo on its flyer alongside its own and titled the event "The first Capital Area Halal Festival".

From Facebook

It is clear from the flyer with the food truck on the front, that this event includes foods that are permissible (Halal) pursuant to Islamic Law/Sharia and that means, the proper method of Halal slaughter.

There is no lack of information on the internet as to halal animal slaughter so I will spare you the graphic details, although I do encourage you to not look away. Take a good look. The international regulating bodies proclaim the Islamic method as the "most humane" and the only method acceptible to Muslims. Evidence of stone age mentality. A look at the regulations and additional desired practices however, reveal in stark contrast, a method that is anything but humane. However, in true Islamic form, the prescribed methods are broadcasted to the world as the superior form of animal slaughter. This heated issue centers around a non-stun policy, taxing and certification impositions on consumers, and is hotly contested with animal rights activists. Monies received from the industry go to fund Islamic causes good and bad. Enough said. On a factory level, photos of slaughters reveal the animal during a Islamic ritual is brutalized, tortured and frightened beyond comprehension.

Originally, animal slaughter for agriculture and food purposes is exempt from the animal cruelty PACT ACT regardless of the often cruel conditions found in factory farming. Hunting, fishing and sporting activities are exempt. Halal would also be exempt. Recently signed by President Trump, Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, section 48 regards the offense of "animal crushing" but the language of the law is broad.  The law states in section (f) the term 'animal crushing' means actual conduct in which one or more living non-human mamals, birds, reptiles or amphibians is purposely crushed, burned, drowned, suffocated, impaled, or otherwise subjected to serious bodily injury. The term euthanizing an animal means the humane destruction of an animal accomplished by a method that produces rapid unconsciousness and subsequent death without evidence of pain or distress. Does the law extend to back yard religious animal sacrifices if the animal is being slaughtered for food?  If you slit the throat of a dog or cat, the animal community would go ballistic.  Goats, sheep, and cows however are food. The average person doesn't typically think about animal suffering, Halal slaughter or factory farm abuses. People tend to think that pigs do not have feelings and are unaware of what is happening to them in the factory farm hell hole of an existence.  Can't we do better?  Where is the empathy? Taking a knife to the throat of an animal and letting it bleed out without any stun procedure is a cruel method of slaughter. 

UPDATE: On December 17th, President Trump signed into law the omnibus appropriations package signing H.R. 1865 and H.R. 1158. The President and CEO of the Humane Society weighs in on the funding package. Halal must be banned.

Knowing how Halal animal slaughter is carried out, why would CAIR celebrate this at a festival? Because, according to them, they do not think it is cruel, and Halal also encompasses other Islamic permissions. A Halal Festival at the Asian Resource Center on Pearl Harbor Day with the City of Austin. Why on Pearl Harbor Day and of all places, why the Asian Resource Center? The timing makes it look like an influence operation and a political stunt.

CAIR's influence operations in the United States are legendary. CAIR has a long and robust history of bad characters and activity including numerous founding members who have been arrested for terrorism, and being exposed for funding terrorist organizations.

CAIR is widely accused of being the American arm of Hamas operating in the United States under the disguise of a Muslim advocacy and civil rights organization. Do they do those things, yes they do. Yet CAIR's legacy of crime, civil wrongs and the work to advance Sharia policy in the US is also very well documented and proven. CAIR's most famous legacy is being labeled through a mountain of evidence as a Muslim Brotherhood front group associated with Hamas, a terrorist organization. Evidence entered into the US v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development Trial implicated and branded CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism funding trial in our history. 100 guilty verdicts were handed down for numerous individuals and CAIR personnel for raising millions of dollars for known and designated terrorist organizations. Has CAIR changed its goals for the implementation of Sharia in the US? Is CAIR a part of the Muslim Reform Movement?

If the Austin Halal Festival is evidence of anything, it just further exposes that CAIR is still engaged in effectuating the Quranic Concept of War on the West and its function is imposing Sharia into American democracy inch by inch through influence operations that appear to be friendly. CAIR does not represent American democracy. CAIR represents the Islamization of America.  Here is how the patriots of Austin responded to a local influence operation:

As the Festival went along, another suprise was coming in the form an an aerial presentation to let all of Austin know that Animal Cruelty Must Stop. Timely, in light of the recent legislation signed by President Trump.

Vegan vendors at the event approached to state they were doing vegan outreach and wanting to see what the opposing position was and why we weren't protesting all animal slaughter. Our response was that we were protesting a celebration of Halal slaughter at the Asian Resource Center on Pearl Harbor Day. We should be honoring our fallen heroes from Pearl Harbor, our laws and our American traditions. One young man stated that Halal encompassed many things as the term means what is permissible in Islam. Our response was that one cannot overlook or minimize the permissible cruel animal slaughter sanctioned by Islamic Law.  We asked them to spread the message that Halal is barbaric, it is cruel and it must be banned.

CAIR failed in trying to bring Islamic Law/Sharia into play wrapped up in a family friendly cultural festival.

On Pearl Harbor Day in Austin, Texas 2019 we did what our founding fathers would want us to do and what our Senator Ted Cruz stated we must do. We must confront the Islamization of our society on the local level as citizens. We are here today to let the Austin City Parks and Rec Department and the Asian Resource Center know that we citizens do not want them supporting and implementing in our state and our communities what is Sharia compliant and permissible (Halal) in Islam. We wholly object to the barbaric method of animal slaughter as cruel torture and unnecessary to the extent it is criminal behavior and therefore a punishable offense. If you want to know the extent of factory farm reality please visit CCTV for Slaughterhouses. We also do not want Halal foods in our supermarkets and the certification taxes imposed on the citizenry especially without their knowledge. We do not want it in our food banks and on our school menues. We do not want our society to be ignorant to Islamic influence operations. No Halal Slaughter!!!

Photos from the event.

A fun moment of a meeting of the minds and compromise.

An avid hunter explains how he hunts for survival.

Chip Clay Smith has been a republican for 10 years and is a delagate in Texas. He is very active with the San Marcos Masjid along with his wife. He also watches the patriots a little too closely and seems to know our every move.  Clay admitted he has slaughtered per the prescribed Islamic method of using the knife to slit the throat. This man works with the Muslim Youth. 

Learn about Islam.

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