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By Lauren Comele Morris

May 6, 2020

I grew up making lists. Lists of chores, lists of things to get, things to do, and personal goals. I kept the personal goals' lists and then would go back and look at them typically one year later. To my surprise, I would have not only achieved my goals, but often I would have far surpassed them. But nowadays, my lists are different as I am older and my line of sight is my country, not just my own life. Here is a sample of this week's list:


1. The entire educational system closed with parents homeschooling.

2. Music and film business silenced, concert arenas closed, film sets closed.

3. Professional sports in the penalty box and sports club owners suggesting their players “train for new industries like AI, Robotics or Personalized Medicine”.

4. Bars and restaurants, pubs and clubs shut down indefinitely.

5. Small business owners closing and/or going into debt to remain open.

6. Churches and other “houses of worship” closed.

7. Monitored personal movements of civilians, forced mask wearing with citations, hefty fines, cops with assault weapons drawn, making criminals and jail sentences out of small business owners such as hair salons or bars for daring to open and feed their families.

8. Tyrant mayors and governors imposing unconstitutional laws and extending the quarantine driving millions into abject poverty.

9. Civil disobedience from suffering Patriots protesting in the streets by the thousands.

10. A thriving economy in imminent peril including our military.

11. Food shortages, rationing and food lines, poverty, domestic abuse and hunger.

12. A medical system dependent on China, our enemy.

13. A President's good work and reputation being destroyed by not only his enemies, but the enemies within including our very own mainstream media.

14. A virus culling the weakest among us, the healthy quarantined and unable to go to work.

15. Social distancing, isolation and above all, FEAR.

This is just scratching the surface. I have a new list. A list of aggravations. Here is a sample of what really burns me up:

1. Minnesota lawfully blasting the Islamic Call to Prayer during this year's Ramadan over a loudspeaker in a victorious declaration of conquest, five times a day from one of its battalions. Excuse me, I mean Mosque.

2. Fundamentalist Imams going apeshit with indoctrination of the youth, funding the Palestinian cause and Hamas, and operating with impunity under a 501c3 status with my taxpayer money and federal assistance.

3. Crime on the rise and public law enforcement agencies now targeting “white racially motivated crime” over Jihad, and declaring that American Militias are now domestic terrorists.

4. The Southern Poverty Law Center's contrived racist hate map.

5. The mainstream media's full blown Marxist agenda 24/7 political warfare lies and destruction one of the best Presidents we have ever had.

6. The Democrats now overtly and apparently the Communist Party in the USA.

7. The catastrophic loss of friends who revealed themselves as far left spewing out Trump hatred to which I furiously opposed. They WANT our President to fail but they know absolutely ZERO about national security.

8. My knowledge of Islam and Marxism growing so deep that the gap between myself and my “friends” is an ocean; and they kicked me to the curb for my patriotism, my intense knowledge, experience and training, my voice of warning on social media, and my centrist views without nary a listen or an ability to even converse on national security or politics.

9. Watching my fellow Americans suffer from list number one hitting me every minute of every day like an electro magnetic pulse.

I have a third list and that list is what to do. Who to call and complain to. What protest to attend. How to inform others around me. How to prepare for the unknown shortages of basic needs. What to say or not to say on social media. Staying positive in this time of chaos. So, let's start with the first thing on my mind. I am MAD. I am ANGRY. Not only angry at what I see happening and what I know is coming, but angry at the utter willful ignorance and the unwillingness to listen, the complacency, the looking the other way of artist types and the oblivious who say “Don't offend! Don't say anything negative”! In other words, don't bruise my opinion, my ego. I mean, when it comes to matters of national security, politics and the economy, everyone is an expert right? Especially those in the entertainment business. Sure they are! What I have learned is that people think their opinions are relevant. That they are facts. If you insult that, you will lose friendships, no matter what you have been to or done for people like this. They will kick you to the curb and then start a Kickstarter campaign asking for money for their newest project or teeth for their mom. Sorry, but the tip jar is going to be empty.  I have a country to save from an affliction of stupidity.

The “left” is far too powerful right now. They have been very patient. Folks, what we have here is a failure to communicate and it is time for the silence to turn into civil disobedience or we are going to lose this country. We are branded insurgents in our own land, behind enemy lines and we are in the thrall of Communist China who own us, manipulate us, have made us sick and are destroying us. Our own citizens being arrested by fat police officers with assault weapons, heavily fined and sent to jail for daring to feed their families. This is Communism and we are living it.

For the Love of Jesus, I thought that it would be another 10 years or so before things got bad. But it took a virus, fear, and political warfare to take this country to its knees, and too soon for this lass. It's here. A country with the most powerful military on the planet is utterly brought to its knees through political warfare. A game in which we have no skin and everyone knows it. An American public so asleep that it easily complies.


For the Love of Jesus, what is going on? I'll tell you what. A Mass Line Marxist strategy that worked for Lenin and Stalin and all the rest that have followed. A system of Islamo-fascism that funds the left while the left gives it whatever it wants in return and its Jihad. A proven strategy now being inflicted on an oblivious American public whose education system has failed in preparing its public to even see an enemy much less define it or fight it. A trusting and giving people who are also . . . well . . . let's not offend, shall we? How about we say it this way; The Seven Deadly Sins. A Democrat Party utterly infiltrated, cheaply bought and overthrown so as to overtly be openly Communist.

Are you too weak to even speak? Will you just fall down and comply? The time to fight is here. The time for torches, pitchforks, tarring and feathering has returned.

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