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Austin Marxists Join The War On Cops!

Opinion By Lauren Comele Morris

August 17, 2020

Portland, Oregon 2020

Herein, Marx is redeemed as America, the shining beacon of Capitalism inevitably goes off a cliff in a revolutionary blaze of glorified chaos and violence wielded by our very own youth. The end always justifies the means and the end is the destruction of Western Civilization.

The 2020 war on American Law Enforcement spread like a wildfire across the country as the internet facilitated subversive Marxist individuals and groups with astonishing connectivity and power. The 2020 riots are proof that self-righteous progressives and police brutality protesters are in fact led by well organized and trained revolutionary militants who can swiftly gear up and launch at numerous locations to carry out violent agendas. Minneapolis based Chinese-linked Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) who as Marxists believe the violence is justified, have declared the 2020 riots a glorious victory, and are taking original credit. The Minneapolis district that kicked off the riots is led by a seemingly part time Sharia compliant Somali immigrant. Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar openly stated she wants the police department abolished. Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison is a Muslim who tweeted himself photographed with and praising the Antifa Handbook, and also photographed with Portland's most notorious Antifa leader, Luis Marquez. Is this the Red Green Axis at work to destroy the United States? It would appear a celebration of tandem efforts as these individuals are not denying their associations and approval of one another. Indeed they are openly waving it in our faces.

Karl Marx's predictions of the abolition of power is advancing in incremental steps as elected city officials across the United States defund the police and let their cities burn night after night. With Black Lives Matter at the helm, progressives demand the narratives of police brutality, oppression and racism take center stage and blame the white man, capitalism, and President Trump. A culpable mainstream media relentlessly fuels the political and informational warfare on American citizens with contentious and false propaganda. While the dirty laundry news agencies gleefully label the rioters as “protesters”, violent Antifa groups and a dangerous underbelly of transnational gangs, agent provocateurs, and Islamic radicals, are not disclosed to the public. Media favor white supremacist narratives ignoring black supremacist ones regardless of evidence and crime statistics, and as if all of Black America is on board.

A radical leftist monster who laid her vile eggs long ago and waited patiently during a slow incubation hatched her babies during the convenient Chinese bioweapon COVID and let them out to avenge the death of George Floyd. Like a scene from the War of the Worlds, caught unaware, citizens remain stunned at the utter destruction of our American institutions and scenes of communities burned to the ground.

The Police Brutality Narrative

Launching in 2014, Blue Lives Matter Facebook postings has provided a glimpse into the lives of officers killed in the line of duty. Blue Lives Matter recently launched a website The Police Tribune and currently holds 1135 articles on its Fallen Heroes page. A December 29, 2016 Time article stated that in 2016, the 135 officers that died in the line of duty was an all time five-year high with nearly half fatally shot and 21 dying in ambush-style attacks. Time reported racial tensions stemming from several high-profile fatal police shootings of unarmed black men. Beginning January 1, 2015, the FBI opened the LEOKA Program (Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted) and as of August 10, 2020, LEOKA's monthly update reports 31 officers have been feloniously killed this year with seven the victim of ambush attacks and zero victims of an unprovoked attack. On June 15, 2020 the Gateway Pundit reported 431 officers injured or killed in recently “far left Black Lives Matter protests and riots”.

The Shot Heard Round the World

According to a June 1, 2020 Washington Post article second round draft pick Colin Kaepernick was a backup Quarterback to Blane Gabbert for the San Francisco 49ers and prominently seated on the bench. In 2016 Kaepernick took a knee on the field at an August pre-season game and caused a reactionary firestorm that continued until his final game on January 1, 2017. Kaepernick stated he would not show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses people of color and professed to show respect for the deaths of the black men who died that summer in police shootings. He was willing to lose his career and endorsements for his cause. It was a big league kickoff and a brilliant move to spark the tinder of a Revolution that ultimately exploded after the death of George Floyd. Kaepernick appeared most sincere and a hero to some but a tyrant to others as friends and family became deeply divided on watching the NFL season. Did Kaepernick know prior to his decision that the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States would pick up the ball and take him into a whole new game? Was Colin Kaepernick a Marxist to begin with? Did his close Muslim associations inspire him to take the knee on the field while seizing a perfect opportunity for their own political reasons?


Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer Face Off With Antifa Members in Portland in 2018

Revolutionary Flyers at the University of Texas in Austin 2018

Socialist Youth Organize at UT Austin 2018

A wave of citizen journalists and alternate news of various levels counter that the mainstream media has been virtually silent on law enforcement deaths and look the other way at crimes committed by blacks and people of color while favoring the white supremacist narrative. The police brutality narrative pushed citizens into taking a defensive side while the MSM force fed a sympathetic Marxist agenda 24/7 ad nauseam. Hordes of easily manipulated youth - led by trained Marxist instigators - were supported by legislators in Portland, Oregon as I earlier wrote about on October 19, 2019. The Revolution's goal is to destroy our culture, our art, our schools, our kids, our medical community, our history, and our sports. It is especially about destroying our law enforcement. A good read of the Communist Manifesto will reveal just where we are sitting in the timeline.  China calls this "Unrestricted Warfare" and that includes the shut down of our sports, our schools and our music, the capturing of our politicians and parties, and the imposition of fines for not social distancing or wearing a mandated facial mask. All these things are symbolic victories for the overthrow of America and the ushering in of Communism.

Austin, Texas June 1, 2020

The ACAB/1312 narrative (All Cops are Bastards) is a cheerleading chant for Red Guards, Antifa and Black Lives Matter. (See the earlier articles on this website for more on Red Guards Austin and the University of Texas.) Austin with its all Democrat City Council recently removed some of APD's weapons after riots this summer in Austin and is sending the departments back to a 2015 budget. They have proposed cuts to the Mounties, the Bomb Squad, Internal Affairs and Forensics. Chief Manley has been targeted personally by the Mike Ramos Brigade and Red Guards leaders demanding he be fired. In this video Austin Infowars Reporter Owen Shroyer attended an August 13, 2020 Black Lives Matter and Austin Justice Coalition defund the police event that was held outside the Palmer Events Center during Austin City Council's meetings for the Austin Police Department budget to “reimagine" justice and safety. The man in the blue shirt who repeatedly assaults Mr. Shroyer is with a Communist press publication and has been photographed exhibiting the same tactics at other events in front of APD. Green haired Eli is a videographer who follows the Mike Ramos Brigade. Listen for her to tell Shroyer to “F*** around and find out”. The black man sitting in the chair is a three time arrested and convicted felon Chas Moore. Chas Moore is the founder of the Austin Justice Coalition and tied to Black Lives Matter.

2015 charge for DWI in Austin

2018 Assault

2020 Warrant

Why does Chas Moore appear to have significant influence on the City Council and the defunding of the police? Mayor Adler has hosted a conversation with Chas on his FB live and local Austin mainstream media often tout his demands and activities in The Chronicle's community pages. Adler has authorized money in colaboration with the AJC to paint Black Austin Matters on Congress Avenue. On Twitter, opponents to the Austin BLM movement posted screen shots of Mayor Adler receiving emails from Chas with demands, directives and discussions on reforms. The Chronicle posted an article about Chas working to move a large part of the general Austin Music Budget to a Black musician fund, and other reforms on transportation and housing equity. Just like Minneapolis, Portland, New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle, relentless Marxists are pushing city managers and councils for the reforms they want. Had Shroyer known who the particular individuals were in his video, he would have had more questions. What the video does expose is Moore parroting prepared standard boilerplate rhetoric on “white privilege”, “systemic racism”, and his lack of ability and willingness to converse when asked an uncomfortable question. His defunding the police is a Black Lives Matter Marxist agenda against the state and the institution of policing. Moore doesn't hide it. He presents as the face or mascot for “reforms”, and we know what is actually behind him, but who, specifically, is another question. The big question is, are the all Democrat City Council members and Mayor Adler the ones pulling the strings while appearing to simply be reactionaries to Black Lives Matter? They do utilize standard Marxist language and terms.  Whatever the case may be, the Marxist agenda is working in Austin. For now.

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