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Who We Are

We are a 501c3 education and publishing charity made up of skilled, accomplished and experienced subject matter research analysts and geopolitical experts. We advocate for truth, liberty and civil rights for all societies.

Our general mission Truth In Journalism is to expose extremism, corruption, and misinformation that prove regressive and detrimental to society. We produce media content to promote conflict resolution, civility, civil rights, diplomacy, lawful and safe societies, and individual responsibility. We know that open source intelligence is the future of truth in journalism. 

Program 1 is our general mission. Program 2 is Truth in Ukraine.

Please see our other live pages for more information.

This site is populating with our established content, so please subscribe for updates. If you would like to know more and how to donate, please email us at We are a member of the PayPal Giving Fund.

We can also be found at YouTube @thecentristinc and on Facebook.

We will have our investigative reports up soon.

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